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Spectacle Magnifiers

Eschenbach Max TV 2.1x Spectacle Binoculars ( for distance use)
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Price: 60.42
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 16241
Maximize the size of TV screens with the easiest-to-fit,
binocular, telescopic distance system ever introduced -
MAXTV glasses! Click on photo for more information.

Eschenbach MAX Detail 2x Spectacle Binoculars (For close use)
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Price: 60.42
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 16245
Both hands are free for filigree work, DIY, crafts and reading
Comfortable working distance, large field of view; lightweight
and modern design . Individual focus adjustment possible

Product characteristics

Magnifying spectacles with +3 dioptre adjustment,
independantly adjustable
2x magnification
Weight: 49 grammes
Working distance 40cm
Large PD range of 60-68mm
Push-on adjustable temple ends for excellent fit

Eschenbach maxDETAIL clip
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Price: 58.33
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 16246

2x magnification
For spectacle wearers
Both hands are kept free for carrying out intricate work,
handicrafts or reading.
Comfortable working distance and large visual field;
lightweight, contemporary design.
Modern, practical design.

Schweizer Power Television Glasses
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Price: 33.33
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 4609
Lightweight and adjustable, Optelec Power Television Glasses
are designed for distance viewing. Offering 2.1 times
magnification, these comfortable glasses are designed for
visually impaired people to assist with watching television
programmes and films as well as theatre and sporting events.
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