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Products to Aid those with Visual Dyslexia

Reading with the VTM
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Price: 0.00
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Part Number: Please Print from Web
There are many visual causes of reading difficulties, which
may be treated using optical/optometric techniques.
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VTM Original
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Price: 25.00
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Part Number: 5850/02
The original version of the VTM made from solid optical grade
acyrilic. Please click on photo for more information

Coil Visual Tracking Magnifier
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Price: 16.67
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Part Number: 5850/123
Has helped many with reading, in particular many dyslexics
who experience pattern glare and/or fixation problems.
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May be supplied in Blue or Red depending on availability

Coil VTM Linereader
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Price: 18.33
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Part Number: 5850/223
Following the enormous success of the Original VTM, the new
VTM Line Reader has been designed for visual dyslexics
For further information please click photo.
May be supplied in Blue or Red depending on availability

A Dyslexic Child in the family
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Price: 3.00
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Part Number: VISDCLD
A Dyslexic Child in the Family ? - Written by a mother of
dyslexic children, this book gives an insight into the daily
problems faced by dyslexics. It also offers much practical
advice on how to deal positively with the problems.
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