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Picture showing the interior of our magnifier, lighting and low vision shop in Woodlands, Doncaster.

At our shop in Woodlands our friendly team are available to help you find the best product for your needs. Whether you have sight loss or just require lighting or magnifiers for your work or hobby we are here to help.

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Please note that if you have sight loss please ensure you have consulted with your doctor, optometrist or low vision specialist, as you may have a condition that requires treatment.

Shop opening hours


For the safety of our staff and customers our shop is temporarily closed.


All our range is still available for home delivery.



0797 9508183

Part of our display of magnifiers.Text Box: Phone: 01302 722979
International +441302 722979
Email:  sales@edwardmarcus.co.uk 

298 Great North Road, Woodlands, Doncaster DN6 7HN

Registered in Llandudno in 1945 
by Edward Marcus Company number  395365 
Pitcure of the Shop Front, Edward Marcus Limited, 298 Great North Road, Woodlands.Photo showing some of our lighting products from the Daylight Company.

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All of our products are available by mail order. For many years we have operated an on-line shop, but find it far better to speak to our customers in order to help them get the correct product for their specific needs.

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