A small family firm run by Gil & Liz Smith.

Gil is a Dispensing Optician with many years experience helping visually impaired people to achieve their goals. He has worked for many years in hospital clinics with the partially sighted and he has lectured on low vision. http://www.lowvisionsupplies.com/

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All our products are designed by visually impaired people for visually impaired people VIP Diaries is run as a social enterprise by Sight Advice South Lakes. All profits are donated to this charity to help support visually impaired people.

Our products are available from Edward Marcus Ltd or you can visit our website

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Orthoptic Supplies are the sole UK distributor for Trusetal of Germany. We provide eye patches for children who have been diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia. This condition is also known as a squint or lazy eye. Our specialised eye patches are designed to encourage the weaker eye to function better and thus improve the vision in that eye.  Http://www.orthopticsupplies.co.uk

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Our friends at Bierley Electronic Magnifiers have had an article written about Low Vision and electronic magnifiers in general. The idea is that the optician can read the article and then take an online test which gives them 1 CET point if they pass. It is all 100% automatic and just involves the following links.  Article    Test

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298 Great North Road, Woodlands,

Doncaster, DN6 7HN


Registered in Llandudno in 1945 by Edward Marcus

Company number  395365






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Magnifiers and Low Vision Aids

Return to Home PageLink to Retail WebsiteLink to wholesale websiteThis picture shows a sample of the incredible meals available at Chez Hannah in Cherval - 24320 FranceLogo for Chez Hannah - Cherval 24320

Situated in the Village of Cherval in the Dordogne, this fabulous bar/restaurant “Chez Hannah” is also a collection point for any of our Magnifiers, Low Vision Products of Task lighting. Orders and payments can be made directly with the staff and whilst you are there why not order lunch or a glass of artisanal beer.