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10 x 20 Short Focus Monocular from Specwell
Price: £99.99
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: Specwell 10x20
Specwell are the worlds leading manufacturer of high quality
hand held monoculars. This monocular has a magnification of
10x and a 20mm aperture, it is able to focus from 40cm to

Lightweight hand held distance monocular roof prism Telescope with excellent
depth of focus. Close-up lens can be attached to give near Telescope of 25x
magnification. The unit can be placed on reading material and moved along as
necessary. This Telescope can also be fitted to a tripod mount with special
adapter where steady viewing is indicated. Price does not include any of these
accessories or assembly components, but does include case.
Weight: 77g Width: 32mm Length: 90mm
Field of view: 7°

Made by Specwell Corporation of Japan (Badged as Marcus LVA)
Near focus distance: 300mm to infinity

We supply the excellent Specwell range of close focus monoculars under the “Marcus LVA”
label. These high quality monoculars have the advantage of focusing from close to infinity
making them a versatile tool particularly for the partially sighted. The monoculars are supplied
complete with fold down rubber eyecup (for spectacle wearers) and a soft protective case.
Compact and light to carry these monoculars are ideal for shopping, spotting road signs,
buses, reading posters, notice boards, VDU screens, television, theatre, sporting events etc.
With the addition of a Micro stand on 8x20, 8x30, 10x20 and 10x30 models of these
monoculars they can double up as quality microscope, please ask for more details.
298 Great North Road
Telephone: 01226 764082
Fax: 01226 755044
E-Mail: sales@edwardmarcus.co.uk