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Sheet Magnifiers

LHP Pleine Page Sheet Magnifier
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Price: 19.99
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: LHPPleinePage
350mm x 175mm x 4mm a fresnel sheet magnifier offering
approximately 2.8x magnification. Supplied complete with a
plastic wallet.
(Whilst Stock Lasts)

Page magnifier with soft touch frame
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Price: 3.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: FGP
Full page flexible magnifier with 'soft-touch' frame for
and comfort. Hold a few inches above page to magnify subject
matter. Ideal for magnifying text, small print, maps and
documents. Keep one by the phone book! Viewing area 9 x
7"/250 x 180mm with approx. 2x magnification

Page Magnifier
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Price: 3.00
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: Page
A very popular flexible sheet magnifier made from hard-wearing
clear PVC. So thin it can be kept inside books, catalogues and
directories and therefore always close to hand. Size: 10 x
8"/280 x 215mm, 2x magnification.

Fresnel Lens 4-piece Magnifer Set
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Price: 4.95
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: FRE4
There's no need to squint at the small print with this unique
pack of four popular fresnel lens sheet magnifiers: a Card
Magnifier, a Bookmark Magnifier, a Midi Sheet (just a bit bigger
than a passport) and a larger Sheet Magnifier (just under A4
size). For everyday magnification tasks like reading the papers,
looking at menus, checking bills and viewing documents.
Save around 20% on total cost if bought separately.

Extra Strong Magnifying Sheet
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Price: 6.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: XS1
Tough injection-moulded sheet magnifier with a shatter-
resistant 2mm thick optical quality fresnel lens. For detailed
viewing of large areas of text and pictures. Rigid surface
enables one-handed positioning above printed matter without
'flexing'. Size: 10 x 8"/275 x 210mm (nearly A4 size).
Magnification: 2x.

Higher quality, shatter-resistant 2x magnifier sheet
Fresnel lens gathers light towards centre
Made from optical-grade acrylic, approximately 2mm thick
Rigid construction enables sheet to be held with one hand
Hold lens just above subject to magnify
Large, almost A4 size: 10 x 8"/27.5 x 21cm
Weight: 105g

Card Magnifier
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Price: 1.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: RDL/CC
Incredibly useful credit card-sized fresnel lens which fits into
wallet, purse or pocket. Ideal for checking bills, menus,
timetables and food labels. Includes wallet/sleeve to protect
lens. Magnification: 3x approx.

Bookmark Magnifier
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Price: 1.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: RDL/BK
Wafer-thin 2x bookmark magnifier with tassle and 2 x 7"/
65 x 185mm viewing area. Increases text size and helps keep
reader's place. Inch and metric scales for positioning and
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