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Round the Neck Magnifiers

Coil Easiview Chest Magnifier
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Price: 15.23
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 5820
A popular round the neck magnifier from COIL, ideal for sewing
and other similar tasks where hands-free use is desirable.
1.7x 3D 145mm x 105mm

Eschenbach maxiECONOMY round the neck magnifier. 2 x
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Price: 24.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 2677
2x magnification
Ideal for handicrafts, knitting and all those tasks which require
both hands to be free under the magnifying lens.
The round-the-neck cord can be adapted to suit individual
100mm diameter biconvex lens.

Eschenbach Large Round-the-neck magnifier
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Price: 52.00
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 2678
Magnification: 2x
Diopter: 2.6D
Lens Size: 140 mm x 100 mm
Lens Type: Bi-Aspheric

The Daylight Company Acrylic Neack Magnifier 1.75x
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Price: 7.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: DN90920
The Simple Neck Magnifier is a hands-free magnifier with cord
and is for crafting, sewing or reading.
Product colour: Black
Product dimensions: 2 x 14.5 x 21 cm (0.8 x 5.7 x 8.3 )
Product Weight: 0.2kg (0.4lbs)
Lens size: 10.5cm (4)
Magnification: 13 Diopter (4.25 X)

Schweizer Needlework Magnifier 2x
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Price: 29.07
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: 794002
* Magnification: 2X / 4D
* Diameter: 110 mm

Hands Free Illuminated Magnifier
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Price: 14.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: SV-410BX
Stylish, illuminated magnifier with adjustable neck cord for
hands-free reading, sewing and knitting. Lightweight 4"/90mm
plastic lens offering 1.5x magnification plus 4x spot lens for fine
detail. Takes two AA batteries (not supplied).
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Wombwell, Barnsley,
S73 8HR U.K.
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