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Phones and Mobiles

BT big button handsfree phone
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Price: £27.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH216
This upgraded corded telephone has a built-in stand that
angles the clear easy-to-see buttons towards you. The
handsfree option enables you to make and receive calls using
the loudspeaker.

***UK ONLY***

Doro PhoneEasy 311c big button telephone
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Price: £17.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH203
This corded telephone has very large, oval black buttons with
contrasting white numbers and features a memory function for
13 of your most popular numbers.

***UK ONLY****

PowerTel 46 big button corded phone
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Price: £34.99
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH387
Easy to use, amplified big button corded phone with volume
and tone control, 3 memory buttons including SOS, and easy
to see keypad
The Powertel 46 is a very easy to use big button corded
phone, equipped with a visual flashing LED for incoming calls,
3 programmable speed-dial buttons (including SOS) with 10
additional indirect memories. This phone also offers extra loud
ringer and receiver volume, premium hearing aid compatibility
and tone control for optimised clear sound. The receiver is
amplified with an additional volume boost of 35dB and a sliding
volume control. The phone is easy to set up as it doesn’t
require mains power or batteries, simply plug into your existing
phone socket. ******UK ONLY*****

Doro PhotoEasy 331ph
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Price: £26.95
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH268
Easy-to-see phone with large, black buttons that contrast
against the white phone base and 3 memory buttons to hold a
photograph or label.
*****UK ONLY*****

Doro PhoneEasy 110W Cordless Telephone
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Price: £47.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH332
Cordless telephone with large talking number key pad that
announces the number as it is pressed, in a synthetic male
voice. Portable handset has two-line, high contrast backlit
screen that displays full names and numbers without scrolling

***UK ONLY***

Big button call blocker
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Price: £59.95
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: DH405
Big button nuisance call blocker pre-programmed with 200
known nuisance call numbers, and the ability to add a further
*****UK ONLY*****

Doro Secure 580 Mobile Phone
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Price: £99.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: HM52
This mobile is really great for reluctant mobile phone users or
for people with limited hand dexterity. It has a simple key layout
with only four dedicated speed dial buttons for your outgoing
calls so is simple to use. You can also receive incoming text

Label each of the four buttons with names so that it is quick to
call family and friends. On the back there is an emergency
button, which once pressed will send a text message to your
recipients as well as text your location and call the first number
on your list. This simply gives peace of mind to you and others.
Supplied with UK 13amp charger.

Doro 6520 clamshell mobile phone
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Price: £84.50
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: HM72
This 3G clamshell phone has a large 2.8" screen and high
contrast keypad with widely separated, backlit number keys.
With talking keys for dialling numbers this phone is helpful for
those visually impaired; with the addition of hearing aid
compatibility and extra loud, clear sound, this phone is also
ideal for those who are hard of hearing.
Supplied with UK 13 amp charger
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