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Walking Sticks and Symbol Canes
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85cm (34") white folding symbol cane
Price: 9.75
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: MS22
Increase confidence when you're out and about with a white
symbol cane. Measuring 85cm, this reflective white cane folds
up into 4 sections, so you can pack it away easily when not in
use. Symbol canes are a smaller type of stick, which highlight
to other people that you are blind or partially sighted.
Lightweight and made of aluminium, the four sections of this symbol cane are joined by an elastic cord that runs through the centre. This means that you can unfold and use it immediately, without having to screw the pieces together. Symbol canes are intended to show the user is blind or partially sighted. They are not suitable to be used as a walking stick or support aid. Length is 85cm (34") and weight is 0.09kg.
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