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Computer Keyboard Stickers - Large Print
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Large print keyboard stickers - black on white
Price: 6.25
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: HK52
Designed by RNIB, these high contrast vinyl keyboard stickers
convert your existing keyboard into a large print, easy-to-see
keyboard. Suitable for both laptop and desktop
keyboards.They are printed with black letters in 36 point font
(9mm) on a white background. These laminated stickers are
easy to remove from the backing sheet enabling quick and
easy application to your keyboard.
includes both upper and lower case letters, function keys, numbers, number pad, cursor keys and symbols
compatible with both Windows and Apple keyboards
extra number pad stickers for use with a telephone or other number pad around your home/office
suitable for both standard keyboards and laptops
other colour combinations are also available: black on yellow and white on black.

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