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Tactile wooden draughts set
Price: 18.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: GB98
Pit your wits against your friends and family with a game of
draughts. This board has large raised black squares so you
can feel your way across the board and each board piece is
tactile. There are six large pieces that represent the kings
(three for each player) and you can distinguish one set from the
other when you feel the round circle on the top of the pieces.
As you navigate across the board to steal your opponent's
players, your pieces will stay in place thanks to the drilled holes
in each square that lock the draughts into place.
Each square had a drilled hole which the pieces fit into so they won't fall over when touched
contrasting squares
dark squares are raised
the board and pieces are all made from MDF and the surround can be stained or painted as desired
board dimensions: 33cm by 33cm by 1.7cm
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