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Large Print Scrabble
Price: 29.95
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: GB92
Large print version of Mattel's bestselling word game for two to
four players where the board can be rotated to face each
person in turn. This new and improved board has larger
squares and enhanced colours to make it much easier to read.
No more sliding tiles as they sit snug within their squares due to
the new addition of the tile lock system. Letters on the tiles are
all super clear in 16 point
this board is easier to see than the standard version as the colours on the board have been enhanced to give greater contrast between all squares and wording on the premium squares
tile holders and the tiles are plastic with bold letters on the tiles in 16 point font. Point font refers to the height of the lettering
tiles are 2.4cm (0.93 inches) high, 2.4cm (0.93 inches) wide and 0.5cm (0.31 inches) in length
text is 1.35cm (0.6 inches) high and the numbers are 0.5cm (0.18 inches) high
board can be rotated to face each player in turn
age range: 10+
supplied with large print user guide
Please note: this product cannot be sold to the USA due to a licence agreement with Mattel.

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