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Memo recorder/USB Player/Remote Control/Calculator
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Easy-to-see universal remote control
Price: 19.00
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: DR03
Universal remote control that works on all major brands of TV,
DVD, Stereo, digital set top boxes and Sky. This remote is
easy to set up as it copies settings from your existing remote
controls for the relevant piece of equipment.
Seven large buttons on the remote are On, Off, AV, channel up and down and volume up and down
it is possible to learn commands to multiple remote controls. For example the channel up and down for a set top box and volume up and down for the TV
easy to handle for limited manual dexterity
the remote can be reset continuously and re-programmed. There is no set amount of times this can be done as has a digital memory for code/function
this remote can not be used to access Teletext/Ceefax
remote control uses three AAA batteries
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