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RNIB Tactile measuring jug
Price: 14.99
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: DK30
Exclusive and designed by RNIB - This clear jug, with tactile
measuring gauge can measure in fluid ounces or millilitres. The
gauge clips inside the jug so you can feel when your
ingredients reach your desired measure. The large jug has an
easy-grip handle and is large enough to use as a mixing bowl,
so one less thing to wash up! The unique resting lip on the
spout was designed for you to rest the jug on your bowl or cup
for spill-free pouring and the jug is made to fit the RNIB talking
scales (DK131) so you can use it to weigh solid ingredients
Slide the tactile gauge towards the jug handle to keep it locked into place
Unclip the tactile gauge, detach the hook and turn it around to change between millilitres and fluid ounces
pints, millilitres and fluid ounces displayed in large (0.5cm high) bold print
dimensions: 15 cm diameter, 10 cm high
capacity: 1200ml (two pints)
dishwasher and microwave safe
Warning: tactile gauge is used by placing your hand inside the jug and measuring from the bottom up, please apply caution when measuring hot liquids
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