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Daily Living Aids
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Audible Liquid Level Indicator
Price: 8.99
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: DK139
Fill your cup with greater confidence using RNIB's Audible
Liquid Level Indicator. Simply place it on the side of a cup and
a series of audible beeps will let you know when the liquid
nears the top.
Lightweight and suitable for a wide variety of cups
blue unit with contrasting white, easy-open battery compartment
fitted with two small magnets to store easily on a fridge or microwave
intermittent beeps identifies the cup is nearly full, a continuous beep indicates when the liquid has reached the top
suitable for hot and cold drinks, wipe down prongs before use
Important: test in cold water before using with hot liquids
also available: yellow model vibrates and beeps (DK127)
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