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The Daylight Company 18w Floor Standing Lamp
Price: £74.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: D23030-01
This new floorstanding lamp has been designed with you in
mind. We understand that working in comfort is very important
to you, that's why it features our unique 'Easy-Twist'
movement. Effortlessly, you can twist the head and direct the
light exactly where you are, not the other way around. This
fantastic lamp also comes with a flicker free 18W daylight™
energy saving tube (equiv. 100W). This lamp will soon become
your best partner for all your craft projects!

*****UK ONLY****
Multifunctional floor lamp for all types of hobbies and reading
Optimal light direction with the unique 320° “easy-twist” shade
Powerful 18W daylight™ energy saving tube (100W equiv.)
Flicker-free light, work and read longer in comfort
daylight™ technology reduces eye strain and glare
Mix & match colours accurately and see details clearly
Removable arm with 13cm/5" lens (1.75X magnification)
Strong base with 6 wheels makes it easy to move around
Supplied with daylight™ tube
298 Great North Road
Telephone: 01226 764082
Fax: 01226 755044
E-Mail: sales@edwardmarcus.co.uk