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20W ES Bulb From the Daylight Company
Price: £6.00
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: D15200
20w energy saving daylight bulb. The unique Daylight™
lighting technology not only reduces eye-strain but also helps
reduce greenhouse gases by consuming 75% less energy.
Simply put, Daylight™ is better for the environment and for your

Bulb type: Edison Screw
Nominal Lamp Power: 20W
Nominal Luminous Flux: 1320 lumens
Nominal Lifetime: Up to 10,000 hrs
Number of switching cycles before premature lamp failure: 10,000
Colour temperature: 6,500°K (daylight)
Warm up time to 60% of full light output: 40s
Warning if lamp cannot be dimmed: Non-dimmable
Bulb length: 113mm
Bulb diameter: 55mm
Incandescent bulb equivalence: 95W
Bulb mercury content: < 2.5mg
Rated Wattage: 20W
Rated luminous flux: 1320 lumens
Rated lamp life: 10,000 hrs
Lamp power factor: >0.5
Lumens maintenance factor at end of nominal life: 70%
Colour rendering: = 80

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