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Clocks and Watches
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Talking black radio controlled watch - expanding strap
Price: 47.50
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: CW222
This global radio controlled talking watch announces time and
date in a natural English, male voice. It also features an alarm
and an optional hourly announcement.
This stylish talking watch announces both the time and date in a natural English, male voice and the hands synchronise with the internal talking time.

It is radio controlled, which means it receives a signal from the radio transmitter, which enables the time and date to set and regularly update automatically. This is particularly useful when the clocks change in the spring and the autumn, and therefore means you should never have to change the time manually unless out of the signal range.

You can set your watch to receive either the UK, Germany, USA or Japan (60 KHz) time signals. When you select a new country the watch will adjust to the local time.
If you are outside of the UK, Germany, USA or Japan and cannot receive a signal you can also set up the time manually.

The watch also features an alarm and/or hourly announcement and a confortable stainless steel expanding strap in black colour.
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