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Clocks and Watches
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RNIB gents talking watch with expanding bracelet strap
Price: 42.45
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: CW197EXP
Talking watch speaks time and date
Radio controlled in the UK & Ireland only for automatic time
changes in Spring and Autumn. Not suitable for abroad use.

Autoset technology ensuring easy set-up every time
Case diameter: 41mm
This talking watch features innovative Autoset technology. Simply pull out the crown and a clear, English male voice guides you through the set up procedure. If the radio controlled signal cannot be received, the Autoset technology takes over and sets the watch to the correct time until it can be updated automatically. This watch has a metal case which is set on a stainless steel expanding bracelet with bold black numbers and hands that contrast with the clear face. Reliable and timeless.
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