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Clocks and Watches
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Large solar powered radio controlled talking watch - leather strap
Price: £54.95
Shipping: £0.00
Part Number: CW178
Self charging, solar powered watch. Press the top button to
hear the time in a clear natural male English voice and the
bottom button to hear the date. Radio controlled to save you
having to amend the time when the clocks change. With an
alarm and optional hourly announcement. Supplied with a
black leather strap.
Face measures 4cm in diameter. To activate the watch, press
and hold the button in the two o'clock position for
approximately five seconds. The hands will spin to match the
internal timekeeping and will stop once they have reached the
correct time. This may take up to seven minutes if the last time
set is just before the 10 o'clock position.

This watch speaks the time and date with radio-controlled
accuracy. The battery can be recharged using any electric
light. It has two raised and two recessed buttons.

Please note: It is important not to let you solar watch battery
run down completely because this affects the watch’s ability to
recharge effectively.

Please note: RNIB does not guarantee batteries or watch

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