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Clocks and Watches
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Communiclock radio controlled talking calendar clock
Price: 33.00
Shipping: 0.00
Part Number: CC53
Simplicity itself, RNIB Communiclock sets the time and date
automatically straight out of the box using the atomic radio
signal so no more having to set the time manually when the
clocks change.
Press the contrasting black button on top to hear the time
announced in RNIB's natural male English voice. Menu
buttons for alarm and functions are concealed underneath so
you can't accidentally alter settings
press the large black button on the top, once to hear the time, or press and hold to hear the time and date (spoken as date, month, year and day)
time is only announced in either AM or PM
the large speaker grill on the front of the clock provides clear sound quality
adjust the volume with the rotary control on the front of the clock
five alarm sounds
optional hourly setting to announce the time on the hour every hour
operating buttons are discreetly positioned on the base of the clock
white casing and speaker grill with contrasting black base and speech button
snooze alarm
time and date can be set manually for use outside the UK
supplied with four AA batteries.

if used outside of the UK, but still within the 620 mile (1,000km) radius of the radio transmitter in Anthorn, Cumbria, the clock will still receive the signal and will set automatically to UK time

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